DFINITY is conceived as a compatible sister network for Ethereum that extends the ecosystem by intoducing governance by an omnipotent distributed intelligence called the "Blockchain Nervous System". The traditional "Code is Law" paradigms of Bitcoin and Ethereum are made subject to the distributed intelligence, which can also upgrade the protocol, update economic parameters and run special smart contract code that uses privileged instructions to reverse hacks such as The DAO. The DFINITY project also represents the culmination of several years research into new cryptography and network protocols referred to collectively as "crypto:3" that vastly improve the performance of the virtual computer produced and lay a roadmap to infinite scalability and a true "decentralized cloud" where smart contracts can implement open versions of mainstream services such as Uber and high load business systems - exciting benefits Ethereum may be able to gain too by backporting selected techniques. Special properties granted by crypto:3 also make it possible for DFINITY private clouds to host smart contracts that can call into smart contracts on the public DFINITY network.

See the DFINITY website and introductory A Brief Tour of DFINITY deck for more information.

Contributions towards the operations of DFINITY Stiftung, a Swiss not-for-profit foundation supporting the aims of the DFINITY project, are being collected in a seed and main rounds using autonomous systems running on Ethereum. Funds raised will be used for a variety of purposes, including the introduction of production implementations of DFINITY crypto:3 innovations such as Threshold Relay, Probabilistic Slot Protocol chains, Validation Towers, Validation Trees, USCIDs, as well as the Blockchain Nervous System (please see our FAQ for more technical details). Since DFINITY aims to share as much source code with Ethereum as possible, a significant portion of funds raised will also be directed back into the Ethereum developer ecosystem with the aim of either improving shared code or creating new shared systems.

When DFINITY Stiftung judges that its client technology is sufficiently mature for the DFINITY network to be launched, it will recommend to independent miners worldwide that they create a new network that starts with genesis allocations of dfinities that reflect the donations it received. The standard allocation will be 10 DFN for every CHF/Swiss franc in value contributed, but a multiplier is applied depending on when the contribution is made. A 3X multiplier is applied to contributions made in the seed round such that 30 DFN will be allocated for every CHF/Swiss franc of value contributed (for example using BTC or ETH). The main round will run some months later and since the DFINITY Copper Release test network is expected to be available then, this consequently starts with a lesser 1.25X multiplier and will step down to 1X over the course of the fundraising period.

Please refer to this medium post for more information.

Make a Contribution/Donation

Use this special Google Chrome extension to create a DFINITY key pair and contribute ETH or BTC with ease. You can contribute directly from exchanges.

  Install URL : [ Chome Web Store link ]

IMPORTANT Security Precautions

1. Disable or uninstall any other Chrome extensions that you do not trust.

2. Use a safe computer: malware could potentially try to subvert this Chrome extension so that it donates to a hacker rather than DFINITY Stiftung.

3. Confirm the URL above is the same as given by other sources e.g. a tweet on http://twitter.com/dfinity_network and a post by u/vrf5 on http://reddit.com/r/dfinity.

4. For extra care when making large donations, please consider making contact on dfinity.slack.com

Important Notes

Making Contributions

1. You can contribute to DFINITY Stiftung in ETH or BTC.

2. The special Chrome extension provided has been created to help you create a DFINITY seed address and allows you to contribute ETH or BTC directly from an exchange if required.

3. When using the Chrome extension, make sure that you follow all relevant security advice. Note that DFINITY Stiftung makes no warranties about the systems involved whatsoever, and you accept that you are using them entirely at your own risk.


1. You should contribute to the fundraising only if you wish to see DFINITY Stiftung promote the DFINITY project, for example because you wish to participate by running computations, operate mining identities or neurons, or connect private networks, and not for reasons of speculation.

2. You understand that the DFINITY project involves numerous new technologies and techniques, many of which are unproven, and accept that it might entirely fail.

3. Due to regulatory uncertainty, you must not be a US person by citizenship or residency.

Fundraising, DFN and Launch

DFN Allocations

1. Autonomous smart contracts on Ethereum record receipts for contributions that you make.

2. DFINITY Stiftung will later recommend DFINITY client software that uses the recorded receipts to derive the initial allocations of dfinities/DFN made in the proposed public network's genesis state.

3. The smart contracts apply a multiplier of 3X to contributions made during the "seed" fundraising round. A later "main" fundraising round will apply a multiplier of 1.25X that steps down to 1X.

4. The seed fundraising round will have a soft cap of 1M CHF, and the main round will have a hard cap of 20M CHF. If a soft cap is reached, the autonomous smart contracts collecting donations automatically switch off after 24 hours.

5. DFINITY Stiftung will also recommend some special allocations of DFN at genesis. These reflect the creation of an endowment for DFINITY Stiftung to help support its ongoing operations, and a pre-seed round for early contributors, some of whom have dedicated years of research without pay or contributed substantial resources to incubate the project to its current stage. The fixed breakdown of the overall allocations of DFN is: 12.5% to the DFINITY Stiftung endowment, 9.5% to contributors in the early contributor round and 78% to participants in the seed and main rounds now in progress.

Network Launch

1. Before the DFINITY network can launch, significant allocations of DFN must be pre-committed to "mining identities" and Blockchain Nervous System "neurons".

2. To enable launch, DFINITY Stitfung will therefore later make available additional smart contract systems that allow people that wish to pre-assign DFN to mining identities and neurons. Additional benefits may be proposed and associated with such token pre-assignments.

Q: How will DFINITY Stiftung use funds raised in the seed round?

The purpose of the seed round is to help DFINITY Stiftung lay groundwork for the main fundraising round. A key objective is to release a beta version of the Copper release DFINITY client software as quickly as possible and then use that to launch a test network. This will introduce the power and advantages of crypto:3 techniques such as Threshold Relay and demonstrate a functioning Blockchain Nervous System before additional funds are raised in the main round. Other objectives include preparing DFINITY Stiftung and the ecosystem generally so that main round funds can be deployed as efficiently and effectively as possible. As previously mentioned, since DFINITY aims to maximize compatibility with Ethereum and share as much software and technology as possible, DFINITY Stiftung will also deploy funds towards common goals, such as improving the EVM or Solidity based development tools. Some level of provision must also be made for ongoing legal work and the defense of participants. Generally speaking, the DFINITY Stiftung council aims to remain agile during the seed stage. It benefits from a highly experienced management team and will deploy seed funds according to how it determines the best interests of the DFINITY project and its growing ecosystem will most effectively be met.

Q: I would like to donate in fiat (e.g. EUR or CHF). What should I do?

We currently only accept fiat donations from vetted partners who are donating significant amounts. Please make contact with a DFINITY Stiftung representative if you think you might qualify.

Q: What will be the timing for the main round?

Once the seed round takes place, the autonomous fundraising smart contracts on Ethereum will begin a countdown to the main round. The main round is configured to start minimally 4 months after the seed round. However, DFINITY Stiftung will wish to optimize timing and ensure the main round starts after the test net is deployed and functioning well. If desirable, DFINITY Stiftung can optimize timing by making privileged calls into the autonomous fundraising contracts to delay the start of the main round. The contracts allow for a maximum of 270 days delay to be added.

Q: If I receive DFN (dfinities), what can I use them for?

DFN are participation tokens that mediate participation in the DFINITY network. There are four main uses:

  1. Installing and running smart contract software (playing the role of “gas”)
  2. The creation of “mining identities” by making security deposits.
  3. The creation of “neurons” (part of the Blockchain Nervous System) by making security deposits.
  4. The attachment of private cloud networks to the public DFINITY network, again via deposits.
Q: Where can I find out more about DFINITY?

Just use the DFINITY Stiftung website http://dfinity.network

Q: Where can I find out more about this fundraising?

See this medium post.

Terms & Conditions

If you wish to contribute, you must carefully agree to the Terms & Conditions displayed in the DFINITY Stiftung fundraising Chrome extension. You can read a copy here.